Bor Tiger Reserve

Wardha District


Situated in Hingni, in the Wardha district of Maharashtra, the Bor Tiger Reserve spans a vast expanse of 138 km and is home to a number of mammals, reptiles, and birds. It was formerly a wildlife sanctuary that was converted into a tiger reserve in 2014 to conserve and sustain the tiger population in India. Besides rare animal and bird species, the reserve is also home to a variety of flora including Bamboo, Tendu and Teak.

While it is open to tourists all year round, April and May are the best months to trek through the picturesque region, watching animals in their natural habitat or capturing the scenic beauty through the lens of your camera. Explore the reserve by booking a safari, plan excursions to the various temples in the vicinity or enjoy camping in a forest lodge to make the most of your stay in the wilderness.


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